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Build Optimistic Players
Dusty Baker was one of my favorite teammates. Being a rookie, I didn’t know him well, but he taught me the right way of thinking. Dusty use to come up to me before games and say, “Think 4 today.” At first, I was not sure what he was referring. After my first at-bat, Dusty would come up and say either, “Think 4” again, when you made a base hit your first at-bat or he would say, “Think 3 today,” when you made out your first at-bat.
This was an example of optimistic thinking at its best. It taught me how to approach every game with the mindset that four hits were not only possible, but to expect to get four hits. So often, athletes limit what they set their mind to achieving, when more is possible. When they limit their thinking to less than what is possible, they prevent the best they can achieve. Once they get the lower limit of what is possible, they become satisfied and lose intensity.
You must help players develop a positive mindset and maintain intensity from beginning to end. Optimistic words help players not limit their daily potential, giving them a great outlook not only for baseball but for life, also.
Some of the endless possible Optimistic Coaching Statements
“Think 4 (highest possible)”
“Want the action coming to you”
“It only takes one”
“Today is your day”
“Right moment, right player”
You got this

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