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Elite pitching results are more mental than physical.

These elements drive your success.

These basic elements that go into every pitch result.

  1. Your Subconscious – To keep your body in balance, your mind is programmed to automatically rearranges your body parts.
  2. Your Physiological Factors – When your mind rearranges your body parts, you’re hardwired to always react to the same conditions in the same way.
  3. Your Psychological Makeup – After seeing an unacceptable result, do you adjust to your last pitch or stick with your plan?

These tools become your guide to a sustainable motion known to produce sustainable results.

Your subconscious patterns produce sustainability.

To produce sustainably excellent results all the time, you plan your subconscious reactions around your physiological patterns. Your sustainable results give you one option after every pitch … stick with what you do.

Your body language is the interplay between your shoulders and hips. By comparing your body language to the patterns proven to produce sustainably elite results, you systematically close the gaps between the two. In the end, you walk away with a set of repeatable movements that’ll deliver each pitch into our Catcher’s target.

Knowing your actions are sustainable, anytime you see an unacceptable result, you merely go back to the movements you know will produce the results you expect.

By merely thinking about the right combination of movements, your sustainably elite results become an involuntary reflex.

If you need help finding the right sequence of actions that’ll produce the results you need to move up the baseball ladder, contact us for help.


Skip Fast

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Professional Pitching Institute


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