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“Look at me when I say something”
This is one of the biggest misconceptions and youth coaches should be aware of it:
The assumption is that just because players are not looking at you means they are not listening. Often, the players who are listening are the ones who are not staring at you. Some people comprehend things better when they are not looking at the talking person. Those looking at you may well be thinking of how angry you look with no idea of what you say. A sure way to find out who is listening is by asking questions after talking. Once you know who likes to listen without looking, you can allow that in the future.
Another bonus to questions is they keep the pressure on players to pay attention.
Having said that, it is good advice to encourage kids to make eye contact when a coach is talking one on one with them and when trying out for a team. This eye contact is a sign of respect to the coach and keeps the player on the coach’s good side.

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