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How your body works.

Whether pitching or merely going through your daily activities, your body is hardwired to keep itself in balance.

Your body accomplishes this by giving you no choice but to end your front leg lift with your weight centered in one of two places.

  • You end your front leg with your weight centered over your back foot or
  • You end your front leg with your weight centered just in front of your back foot.

Each weight distribution produces characteristically predictable result with uncanny accuracy.

Weight centered over your back foot.

The instant your front foot comes off the ground your body goes to work to center your weight within your base of support. (With one foot touching the ground, your base of support becomes the distance between your knees.)

When you fail to obsess over your movements into your front leg lift, you allow your knees to cross one another, you lose your base of support and, to stay in balance, you force your body to center your weight over your back foot.

With your weight centered over your back-foot, to get your body moving toward the plate, you must make some movement that’ll shift your weight toward the plate.

The instant you shift your weight, until your front foot gets back on the ground, your throwing arm is used to get your weight back to center.

The degree to which you use your throwing arm path to balance your body determines the size of your target area.

Weight centered just in front of your back foot.

You shrink your target area to the size of your Catcher’s mitt by finishing your front leg lift you’re your weight centered just in front of your back foot.

By being fanatical about your movements into your front leg lift, your body instinctively centers your weight between your knees.

From this position, instead of shifting your weight toward your target, you use your glove side to rotate your body down the mound.

By rotating down the mound, you keep your throwing arm free to respond to your foot plant. When your front foot contacts the ground, your planned body position forces you to use your throwing arm to get your body back in balance.

By plan, to get your body back in balance, your throwing action literally turns into a throwing reaction.

As a spontaneous reaction to your body position at foot plant, you throwing hand comes through a consistently tiny release window, the additional torque from your lower body enhances your throwing arm speed and the addition energy generated by your lower body cause your pitches to break closer to the plate than usual.

Fast track your improvement.

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No excuses, only reasons.

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