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I feel a little guilty, but I cringe every time I hear coaches tell kids to, “Just have fun.” I am a huge proponent of the fun thing but the reason I cringe is then I proceed to watch as the coaches zap the fun out by overloading youth with information, demands, and expectations.
Fun for athletes involves more than just meeting other’s expectations and winning. Of course, it is good to hold kids accountable for their effort level, but when it comes to fun, the understanding of what it means for most kids is crucial.
Fun for kids is:
1. Opportunity
2. Challenge
3. Improvement (Some success no matter how small)
4. Recognition of importance to team
5. Recognition of effort (not false praise)
6. Socialization with team
7. Caring adults
8. Name recognition – giving them the feeling they are a real person.
Take note that none of the above mention winning or demanding kids achieve as much as you want them to.

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