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Top Parenting Gripes and What to Do about Them
Coaches should help parents develop a plan to help their kids improve. Parent should know ways of dealing with their own complaints. Here are some of the top gripes coaches hear from parents and what adults can do to help.
1. Never practices – Practicing on one’s own at home is often super boring. Ask the coach some fun ways kids can work on their skills at home. Practice with him without judging their play too much or invite a teammate over who you know loves to play the game.
2. Can do well in practice but that doesn’t show up in games – Make practice as game like as possible and challenge them with game speed drills. Limit in game instruction and for kids who seem to feel a lot of pressure to please their parents, parents should observe far from the action and even not attend some of the games to see if there is a difference in their play.
3. “It’s in their head” – Parents often feel like kids have a mental block (lack of confidence) as the reason they play poorly. Rarely is that the first contributor and it usually becomes mental only when adults make it an issue by stating that. It almost always gets back to poor mechanics when kids performance or a lack of physical strength. Work on those two and never mention something as being “mental.”
4. Doesn't play the position parent thinks they should - remind them you have the whole team to consider, versatility will help their career, and to have their child keep practicing their favorite at home because things can change.

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