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Helping to Change the Unfortunate Scenes

Baseball coaching tips of the day

Many unfortunate scenes could be avoided by doing the following.
Word often gets around about a team or coaches’ questionable actions. When you are aware of such or suspect something beforehand, address it before the game in front of the officials. Do not accuse another of inappropriate sportsmanship but mention how much you disapprove of things like running up the score, dirty play, taunting the opposition and excessive celebrations.
When things occur unexpectedly and the officials do nothing about it, you can pass a note to the opposition coach which says how disappointed you are with certain actions. In this way, you do not let it slide but also do not escalate or make a big scene in front of the kids.
Do your best to take the high road during the game but do not let it slide by failing to inform leagues and others of questionable coaching and team behavior. It takes a village to stop the misguided!
Be the best!

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