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High School and College teams struggle with the New BBC CORE bats. What to do?

The new regulated BBC Core baseball bats used by high school and college baseball teams have killed most teams potential to hit for power and higher batting averages. All high school and college teams have to use these bats now, and the consensus is that these bats are very similar to using a wood bat.
Remarkably, in college baseball last year, over 90% of the teams' power numbers and batting averages fell significantly. The university of Texas was the top hitting homerun team in the nation in 2010 with 87 homeruns and in 2011 with the new BBC Core bats they hit only 19. In the Big Ten, teams homeruns totals were cut in half and each team averaged a 30-40 point reduction in team batting average. This year the new bats will be implemeted into the high school and they will have to deal with the same challanges.
According to team hitting specialist and author of the book, Tapping into the Spirit of Ted Willliams, Mike Huber believes that teams will now have to learn more scientifically proven techniques that will get hitters to hit just as well with the BBC Core bats  than they did with the original ones. Huber, who is recognized by Ted Williams for his ability to get teams to hit for signifantly more power while increasing their batting average, has had the same success with wood and BBC Core bats than he has while training the teams with the more powerful bats previously.

"It is about swinging the bat so efficiently that the sweet spot of the bat hits the ball more often. There is not that much different in the sweet spots of aluminum, BBC Core, and wood bats." Huber goes on to say that if Ted Williams were alive today he would think that this bat problem just proves that there is a lack of understanding out in the baseball world about how to swing the bat. Ted Williams had some very unconventional thoughts about hitting that have not yet been fully realized and accepted. Huber believes this problem will force teams to take a look at the Williams philosophy more closely.
It is no wonder to Huber that teams like World Series contenders Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals are league leaders in team batting average and slugging percentage. His research has indicated that teams need at least 4-6 star hitters in their line-up in order to contend and slug their way through the line-up.
This concept also applies to travel, high school, and college teams looking to be championship contenders. These new BBC Core bat regulations will affect the game and how it is played if new measures of techniques like that of Ted Williams are not explored in the near future. Most managers are already preparing to use more small ball tactics to score runs when Huber believes that more time should be spent exploring newer options on how to hit better with the new bats to create championship hitting teams.

About Mike Huber: Team Hitting Specialist and Confidence Trainer, Mike Huber, has traveled the country to help baseball teams improve their hitting skills at a record breaking pace with the Hubie Magic Training System. This training system has helped teams set over 60 state, national, and/or team hitting records since the late 1990s. He is the author of the book, Tapping Into the Spirit of Ted Williams. Mr. Huber, a Chicagonative, has been a radio show analyst of ESPN radio, is a public speaker, and has written many articles on the subject of hitting.

Press Inquiries: Mike Huber is available for television, radio, newspaper, magazine and on-line interviews, articles and speaking engagements.
Contact: Mike Huber
Phone: (847) 312-1061

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Comment by Christine Bednark on November 19, 2011 at 8:45am

The game of baseball was built around wooden bats and human abilities to run,throw a ball and apply thought to situations of simple logic. As in most endeavours that require high levels of skill and technique it is the performer,not the tool,instrument or bat that makes the player great. Technology levels the field for the average person in many sports.Ted Williams,Tiger woods,Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretsky all would be outstanding in their sport regardless of the era of equipment used. Tom

Comment by Don Ervin on November 26, 2011 at 1:09pm


Well said, it certainly is the ability of the performer that basically allows for said performer to rise to the level he/she is capable of .

Those of us who are wood born and have made the transition to metal have come full cycle, I believe that those of us who have done so as players and coaches are the only ones who can fully under stand the overall negative impact that metal bats have brought to each and every batter from day one of their inception, It is a whole new ball game of batting and teaching the art of making good hard barrel to ball contact which with metal bats it made not much difference as to where on the bat contact was made, get sawed off and have half of your wooden handle left in your hands, with metal you ended up with a hit of some sort, etc. now all batters are going have to learn and focus on how to apply that sweet bat spot squarely to the ball, batters up to now have not had to think and fine tune focus, the metal has basically done the work, now batters are going to have to change their thinking and methods of approach, enter" MR.TED WILLIAMS," what I suggest  is for all metal bat born batters, coaches, parents, players and every one else involved in any way shape or form with helping batters is to buy "Mr. Ted Williams" book,"The Science Of Hitting" and study what he shows to me is the most successful methods of making good hard consistent barrel to ball contact with power to all fields, and quit jumping all around listening to every uneducated, opinionated baseball person in sight, as I did find a great solid hitting foundation to work from/with and add other info. that fits into it like a glove. Teaching all phases of baseball should be taught from successful facts, not from old conventional, opinionated methods.

Successful sports science research along with Brent Porciau, Top Velocity. net and the National pitching association among others have brought to the baseball worlds table some very significant findings, such as how the body in motion should function indifference as to how the body in motion does actually/ naturally function during/throughout whatever movements it executes at any given time during competitive action.

It is very neat that two people with such a far age gap can see eye to eye on the subject of Batting/hitting. I am from quite away's back, made my short pro. debut in (1952).

Well keep those great comments coming.

Don Ervin

Comment by Don Ervin on November 26, 2011 at 2:37pm


Hubie knows the simple answer to the question, BBC CORE BATS, What to do? which is very simple to me as a born wooder who has made the transition from wood to metal, I cannot say and back due to the fact that i have never dropped away from wood as all of those people, coaches in particular who have so wrongly lead  their players way into the sad world of metal bats, players should never have totally gotten away and defamiliarized them selves from wood except for the very short season of wood bat leagues, I say sad due to the fact that since the inception of metal bats, batters mental and physical aspects have dwindled considerably and now that the metal is gone the proof in the puddin will and is surfacing, the metal has been responsible for making many batters falsely appear to be great hitters and is also the reason for a great number of players inability to make it in professional baseball. the bat will no longer make a batter a great hitter, now batters are going to be compelled to change their whole thinking process and approach as to how they will get the sweet spot of their bat squarely on pitched balls, they are also going to have to learn how to use their hips and hands to bring the barrel down into a level plane with the downward flight of the ball, these players nowadays are not being taught how to bring their hips and hands to the ball. I strongly suggest to batters who want to learn how to make good hard consistent  barrel to ball contact is to contact Mike, Hubie, Huber, myself at my E mail and to also buy "Mr.Ted Williams" book, "The Science of Hitting"

Great Baseballin to all

Don Ervin



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