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First let me say I am not the greatest story book tellar. But, I would like to share alittle tell of Hitting a Birthday Homerun. I was 20 year old at the time in 1995 expecting my first child. My wife laid in labor for 36 hours and on July 16th 1995 my wife had to have a emergecy C-Section because my son was turned head up and was losing oxygen. Needless to say they got him out just in time.This was our first child and at 20 year old I was estactic,scared,excited, and had many mixed emotions.Its hard to explain the feeling I had of being a Father for the first time. The first time I showed emmotion infront of my inlaws.I cried like a baby. My wife was ok and I was the only one able to see my son following his birth because they had to rush him to ICU Unit because of the lack of oxygen and Jaundice that was setting in. My son spent many days after being born in the Hospital recovering from such a rough labor. But, on that day I spent a few moments alone with my Brand New Baby boy and made sure he had all his fingers and toes...LOL...What struck me after being born and being hook up to oxygen and having a needle placed in his head was how that boy looked at me. I reached down to touch him and the boy grab my finger with such a grip and I locked eyes with him and it was like he was telling me "Dad I am ok"..I had a slight sigh of relief and cried knowing I have a son who weighed 8lbs 10oz and I was a Father for the first time. That same day I had a game that afternoon that I wasn't planning on attending and called my coach actually 2 days before hand to say I wasn't going to be able to play. I checked on my wife and she said I know you want to go. I know you want to play for your son today. I told her how can I leave after you been in labor for so long and knowing our son is laying there in ICU? My wife knows my love of the game and knows my passion..She said promise me one thing when you go today is that you hit your boy a Homerun. I told my wife I promise...Yes I have hit my share of Homeruns. But, no I have never went into a game knowing I was going to hit one. I mean it wasn't like I was going to step up there like Babe Ruth and call my shot. But, what did happen was I showed up 20 mins before game time and surprised my teammates. I passed out those Blue Candy Cigars thats say "It's a Boy" to my team and told them I had one goal today and it was to hit a Homerun for my son.. Everyone was excited and saying that would be so awesome if you can do it. Well, coached pencil me in the 4 hole which I have always hit for any team I have ever been apart of. My wife wanted it ,My teammates wanted to see it and I was on such a High that it was something I was going to try and do for my son. Well as the story goes and as The Family Folk Legend Story that I share every few years with New Teammates as I continue to play Baseball in Roy Hobbs in Ohio is that the very first pitch I seen I drove the ball over the 420 mark for a solo Homerun. I ran so fast around those bases and my teammates were surrounding the plate. It was like I just hit a homerun in game 7 of the World Series!!! The excitement of my teammates just proved to me I have accomplish something special. The buzz went through the ballpark. People I never met were congradulating me on what I have done. I was ready to stop playing after that moment just to rush back to the hospital to share the news with my wife and family! We won the game I got the ball and even the other team and the pitcher I hit it off off were happy for me. Needless to say I rush straight from the ballfield still in uniform back to the hospital and told my wife the news. She told me she knew I was going to do it. She said she could tell I was determined to succeed and knew how proud I was of her and my New son. That ball stayed in his crib in the hospital for that entire week he had to stay there and stayed in his crib at home for 3 months after. 14 years later that ball sits in my son trophy case and every once in awhile his friends ask whats up with that ball marked July 16 1995? Um, My son always says that the ball Dad hit for me the day I was born and my sons friends all say the same thing. That is the coolest and your Dad most of been a Good Ballplayer...Well I don't know about good. But,for one day on July 16th 1995 I was Good!!!!!!

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