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What’ll separate you from everyone else?

The answer is simple … sustainable fastball command.

Whether you’re a Little League Pitcher, a Professional Pitcher or any level in-between, the movements presented in the Pro Pitching Institute web site teach you how to use your lower body to produce pinpoint fastball command.

If you don’t think fastball command is possible, you owe it to yourself to visit

Getting your lower body to produce fastball command feels natural and normal, but, here's the catch, so does your lower body not having any impact on your throwing action.

When, on a regular basis, most of your fastballs travel directly into your Catcher’s mitt, you know your lower body is driving your results. When you never really know where your fastball is going to end up, your lower body has nothing to do with your throwing action.

The good news is that, if you stay with the movements presented at, I'll give every reason to expect every fastball to travel directly into your receiver's target! 

3 Reasons You Struggle with Your Command

There are simple 3 reasons your lower body fails to produce fastball command and they all have one thing in common … a front-to-back movement into your starting position.

These are the 3 easily-solved causes for you losing your lower body and, consequently, compromising your fastball command.

#1 ... You begin your delivery with your back foot tilted. With a back-foot tilt, as soon as your front foot comes off the ground, your body moves from front-to-back which causes you to lose your lower half and, consequently, never really know where any pitch is going to end up.    

#2 … You begin your motion with your feet too far apart. With your feet too far apart, the instant your front foot pushes off the ground, your body moves back, you lose your lower half and, again, you don't know where your pitch is going to end up.  

#3 … You begin your delivery with your back-knee in front of over your back foot. With your back-knee over your back foot, as soon as your front foot leaves the ground, your body lurches back, you lose your lower half and your fastball command suffers.  

Here’s the good news.

Some simple adjustments to your footwork and back leg positioning stop any front-to-back movements during your starting position.

The tells you how to correct each of these flaws.

More importantly, by fixing your initial legwork, you experience the next-level fastball command needed to attract next-level attention.

Try it. It's simple, it's effective and it's sustainable!

The Pro Pitching Institute promotes next-level, fastball command.

The Pro Pitching Institute prioritizes the important aspects of your motion while ignoring the less relevant things.  In the end, by following the process outlined at the Pro Pitching Institute, you motion looks like the one you originally visualized, but, instead of using strikes or stats to measure your results, you use your ability to deliver every fastball directly into your Catcher’s target.

Tell a friend! Have a friend struggling with their fastball command? Make sure to tell them about the Pro Pitching Institute.

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