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How to shoulder better pitching results?

Your instinctively shoulder/hip alignment impulse.

  • As a subconscious response, your body keeps your shoulders over your hips.
  • Whenever your shoulder/hip alignment is off, your body’s priority becomes getting your shoulders and hips realigned.

A Dynamic Motion Taps this Impulse.

You end your front leg lift with your shoulders over your hips, and your weight centered between your knees.

  • Action:Your starting body position allows you to create a lower body rotation that brings your back hip closer to your target than your throwing side shoulder.
  • Effect: As a reaction to your movement out of your front leg lift, you’re force to instinctively bring your throwing side shoulder toward home.
  • Result: Your back-shoulder movement causes you to spontaneously whip your throwing arm into your ball release.
  • Outcome: Over time, you expect each pitch to travel directly into your Catcher’s mitt.

Because your throwing action is a reaction to the shoulder/hip alignment you intentionally create, your motion allows you to send more than 2 pitches in a row directly into your Catcher’s target.

A Stationary Motion Works Around this Impulse.

You end your front leg lift with your shoulders over your hips, and your back foot supporting your body weight.

  • Action:Unless you make some movement that’ll take you into your stride, you won’t move out of your starting position.
  • Effect: As you move down the mound and complete your stride, your shoulders remain over your hips.
  • Result: To complete your motion, your throwing arm works by itself.
  • Outcome: Because you turn your throwing action into an independent event, you never really know where each pitch will end up.

Because your throwing action has nothing to do with your shoulder/hip alignment as you end your stride, you’re always struggling to produce the results associated with a more dynamic motion.

If you want to know how simple it is to replace your stationary starting position with a more dynamic starting position, contact us.

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