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Causes for NOT engaging your lower body.

Anytime any movement forces you to prematurely use your throwing arm for balance, you’ll use your throwing arm to offset any weight into your foot plant, lose your target area and shorten your competitive pitching career.

How does a lower body disconnect happen?

When some movement forces you to use your throwing arm for balance, you physically disconnect your lower and upper bodies.

Only after you sense your body back is back in balance do you free your throwing arm to complete your delivery. By this point, your body position dictates your arm slot which delays your throwing hand into release and, consequently, expands your release window.

How do you know you use your throwing arm for balance?

On every pitch, you have every intention to deliver every pitch directly into your Catcher’s target without his mitt moving while displaying the movement you expect.

When your pitches fail to end up where you want and/or behave the way you expect, you’re using your throwing arm for balance.

How do you get your lower body to drive your motion?

To get your lower body to drive a very consistent and totally productive, spontaneous throwing (re)action, you isolate and eliminate the movement causing you to use your throwing arm for balance.

I’m trained to isolate the movement that’s causing you to use your throwing arm for balance. Want to finally gain control of your next pitch, then contact me through the Pro Pitching Institute.


Skip Fast

Chief Learning Officer/Executive Director
Professional Pitching Institute

Cell or Text: 856-524-3248

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