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How your body works.

  • Your body is a closed system.
  • Everything within a closed system relates to everything else.
  • By properly managing the movements within your closed pitching system, your throwing hand always comes through a very sustainable and extremely productive release window.

In pitching, your everyday life experiences matter.

Picture yourself walking down a busy city street. To navigate the crowd, you take a step, turn your upper body in the direction to want to move and, in the end, don’t bump into the person you wanted to avoid.

  • What your body tells you? Your shoulders move your lower body.
  • In pitching, your hips don’t move themselves and working on your lower body activity without shoulder involvement is a waste of time.

You walk down a hill. Your stride lengthens, your body tilts slightly up hill and your arms become more active.

  • What your body tells you? Without thinking about it, you reposition your body parts to your environment.
  • In pitching, the way your body moves is determined by the environment your movements create. Trying to change your motion without addressing the movements impacting what you want to change is a waste of time.

When perches on a balance beam, the same movements produce the same reactions.

  • What your body tells you? Your body works in patterns. When one thing happens, you expect the same reaction.
  • In pitching, by creating an environment where your shoulders turn your throwing action into a sustainable and very productive reaction, you expect each pitch to travel into your Catcher’s target.

Sustainable pitching performances use the way your body reacts to itself to create your spontaneous and highly productive throwing reactions.

Fast track your improvement.

By knowing how your body works, creating a productive and spontaneous throwing (re)action is simple. However, when using contemporary standards to control your movements, your sustainability becomes a hit-or-miss proposition. To fast track your journey to spontaneous command, visit the Pro Pitching Institute.

No excuses, only reasons.

There’s no excuse for you not knowing how to turn your throwing action into a reaction. Your first step to removing this tragic flaw is to pick up your cell phone, call “Skip” at 856-281-2596 and schedule your FREE 20-minute, Pro Pitching Institute Pitching Session.

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Skip Fast
Freelance Pitching Coach
Cell or Text: 856-281-2596


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