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Is your vision of “great” just “ordinary”?

Great” is having your slow-motion pitching video look like this … 

  1. Out of your front leg lift, you open your glove side shoulder to get... 
  2. Your front foot to make contact with the ground which... 
  3. Rotates your lower body which...  
  4. Spontaneously brings your throwing hand into release. 

Every multiple-year Cy Young winning motion shows this sequence and, because their throwing arms to react to their lower body movement, are known for consistently keeping their Teams close enough to win.   

These elite Pitchers finish their front leg lift with their weight stabilized in front of their back foot. Your Coach lets you end your front leg lift with your weight moving over your back foot. Your Coach forces your slow-motion video to look as "ordinary" as everyone else  

  1. Out of your front leg lift, you move down the mound. 
  2. You land your foot plant then... 
  3. You throw the ball. 

You’re confused?  Yomove exactly the way your Coach wants, you do what everyone else does, yet you still struggle to produce results you know have in you and, despite constantly working on "stuff", rarely see sustained improvement?  

Improvement is within reach by making a simple phone call to an Accountable Pitching Coach! 

Skip Fast,  
Alliance of Accountable Pitching Coaches 
Chief Learning Officer 
Cell or Text: 856-524-3248 

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