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Make Pinpoint Command Your Expectation

How your body produces results. 

  • A baseball is an object. 
  • As an object, you release point determines where your baseball lands and how it behaves. 
  • When you come into your foot plant using your throwing arm for balance, your throwing arm path interferes with what you want the baseball to do. 
  • Keeping your throwing arm free to respond to your hips generates the sustainable results that’ll help you succeed at the highest levels. 

Using your throwing arm for balance. 

  • As soon as your core moves from vertical, you force your body to use your arms for balance. 
  • When you let this happen, until your body gets back in balance, you lose control of your throwing arm path. 
  • By the time you complete your delivery, you’ve lost control of your pitching results. 

Easily controlled decisions cause you to use your throwing arm. 

Foot Placement decisions 

  • Beginning your motion with your feet wider than your hips. 
  • Having your hips and/or shoulder point away from your target. 
  • Starting with your back knee over or in front of your back foot. 

Front leg lift responses 

  • Ending your front leg lift with your weight over your back foot. 
  • Letting your front knee finish behind your front hip. 
  • Rocking back to the top of your front leg lift.  


In each case, something you did (and have control over), shifts your weight forward, triggers your “fight or flight” response and causes you to never really know where each pitch will end up. 

Keeping your throwing arm free to respond to your lower body. 

  • By ending your front leg lift with your weight evenly distributed around your core, you keep your throwing arm free to respond to your lower body. 
  • You use your glove side to rotate your body down the mound. 
  • At foot plant, to get you back in balance, your body forces you to make a throwing action. 
  • As a spontaneous reaction, your body brings your throwing hand through consistently tiny, yet very productive, release window. 

Easily controlled decisions keep your throwing arm free to respond to your hips. 

Foot Placement decisions 

  • Before your place your front foot in position, your back foot is level. 
  • You place your feet inside your hips. 
  • You position your back knee over the little toes of your back foot. 

Front leg lift responses 

  • You roll your shoulders toward your bellybutton. 

Throwing action 

  • Your glove arm action rotates you down the mound. 


In each case, your actions into your front leg lift puts you into a position where your glove side action triggers a “fight or flight” known to deliver every pitch directly into your Catcher’s target. 

Fast track your improvement. 

Performing the skills presented seems simple, but, when measure using contemporary standards, become very complicated. To fast track your journey to high-level command, visit the Pro Pitching Institute. 

No excuses, only reasons. 

There’s no excuse for you not knowing how to keep your throwing arm uninvolved with your balance. Your first step to removing this tragic flaw is to pick up your cell phone, call “Skip” at 856-281-2596 and schedule your FREE 20-minute, Pro Pitching Institute Pitching Session.  

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