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Baseball Coaching Tip of the Day

My coaching (and parenting) philosophy comes from this rhyme from an unknown author.

“No written word or spoken plea
can teach our youth what they should be
nor all the books on all the shelves
for it what the teachers are themselves.”

When my kids were kids, I cut the grass, I shoveled the snow, I took out the garbage, etc. As I observe them as adults, it’s neat to see them do those things “themselves.”

It doesn’t mean that is the right or only way, it’s just “what” I was.

What does that mean for coaching?

  • When a player makes a mistake or an error, you look to find a better way of teaching the right way
  • When a player gets overly upset or frustrated, you remain calm and remind them things will be OK.
  • When an adult confronts you with an aggressive attitude, do not get defensive or aggressive in return.
  • When an official is wrong or terrible, I let it go and treat it as a teaching moment to the team.
  • When the team loses, you never treat them as losers.

Are any of the above the only way, no, but do your best, work to improve and never forget “It’s What the teachers are!”


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