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It is contradictory for coaches to preach team, teamwork, and team unity and then do the opposite with their behavior. Unfortunately, many coaches fall into this trap and they may even lose the team’s respect.
When you become overtly negative towards a player, or players, the team concept is in jeopardy. Coaches should realize some players may drive them crazy but accept that as a challenge to overcome and show the team what leadership is about. When coaches do the opposite and decide to ignore them or demean them with comments in front of the team that attacks their character or effort, the whole concept of team is lost. Additionally, players believe that if a coach can turn on some players in a negative way, they may turn on them at some point too, so players never trust the coach completely.
When direct comments are necessary to disruptive kids, make them in a one-on-one (or with player’s parents present) manner, and in a non-derogatory, honest way. Turning around a player’s attitude can be life changing for the player and coach.
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