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Look in the mirror first.
I just shake my head when I hear coaches say, “They don’t want to play.” I’m like, “Well, that is on you.”
Granted, we've all been there and that is not always an easy chore. But, look within for the answer.It is your job to create and keep player enthusiasm up.
Having a go to motivation trick to get youth players out of the "doldrums" is essential.
When kids seem to be getting mentally “out of it,” losing focus at practice, I go to this motivation method, and it works to pick up their enthusiasm almost every time.
It goes back to the same reason kids love to play video games - the challenge. It is a simple motivational method, but one that works. Coaches gather players together and ask, “Who wants a challenge?”
Inevitably, kids’ eyes go up with anticipation, as well as their hands. Once I have their attention, I challenge them in some way that is relatively new to them and it revitalizes the atmosphere.
This motivation method also works because it is almost impossible to ask the question without putting excitement and emotion in one’s own voice. Go ahead and try asking someone, “Who wants a challenge?” in a normal, unemotional tone. It cannot be done, at least, not easily.
Of course, coaches should not use this all the time either, or players may become bored with the motivation method, too.
Accept the challenge and find out who else wants one!

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