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No pressure but realize this, you may first adult that an athlete may potentially trust and that may include their parents. Persistent, caring coaching of these players usually works to win over their trust.
That process doesn’t mean you have to be a Dr. Feelgood coach – one of those that allows players to do it there way just to placate them or that you can never say anything that may hurt a little if it’s the truth. However, it means that you stick with them throughout the season in a way that shows you will not give up on them reaching their potential and at the same time give them some space when they retreat.
Things to try even though no one said it would be easy.:
1. Never fail to greet them by name each day and show you are glad to be their coach.
2. Ignore the player’s outward attitude as much as possible.
3. Be honest and tell it like it is but in a way that gives them options.
4. Do not allow them to get away with doing it their own way or the incorrect way just to placate them.
5. Continually show them you care about them by spending as much time instructing them as you do every player and treat them as any other player, especially with discipline/
6. Stay away from the “Your wasting your ability talks.”
7. Give them time to work through their distrust.

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