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 When a batter swings and misses on the first pitch, how many of us have seen all the batting coaches in the dugout and even the bleachers yelling out instructions? You’ll hear shouts of “elbow up,” or “elbow down.” Or you might hear “Billy, get closer to the plate” or “Billy, step back from the plate.” We all hear this one, usually with two strikes: “Billy, choke up on the bat.” How about a coach or parent having the batter call time out after two strikes so he can switch bats? The grown up will convince the player that the bat he is using is either too heavy, or in some cases, too light. I may be wrong, but I truly believe one of the worst things a coach or parent can do to young athletes is to over coach them.

Here are a few suggestions to keep the game simple and not over coach your team, and your own kids.

1) Don’t overdue it with the most expensive equipment. You can give a person the best scalpel and surgery equipment in the world but unless he is a talented surgeon the equipment won’t make any operation a success.

2) Keep your baserunning signs simple, really simple. When I knew that my teams were going to have a hard time with the signs, I only used a few, and added another as the season went on.

3) Keep your defensive coaching to a minimum as far as positioning the players or having first and third defensive plays.

4) Use the “Progression Method.” For instance, if a player strikes out trying to bunt, but made contact with any of the pitches, emphasize ……….

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Over Coaching In Youth Baseball

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Comment by Bruce Sarte on October 9, 2018 at 10:42am

I think it is important to understand what your goals of coaching at different levels should be.. if you are coaching 8-10 year olds, you have to coach them for fun and skill improvement -- not to be the best player on the field.  I see that issue with coaches over and over, and even with how a large number of youth baseball leagues for the under 12 year old group is constructed.  Quite often, they put competition above fun and learning.

Comment by RodChapman on October 10, 2018 at 11:56am

My theory is coach them during practice let them play or swing it how they want in a game.  Talk to them at the next practice if you saw something that might hurt or help them.  We had a coach in our area that would not stop talking from the 3B coaching box... constantly in the batters ears.  It was awful. 

Comment by Bill Stanton on October 10, 2018 at 9:16pm

Rod-  I see coaches like this frequently. You've heard of the "Ump Show"..  I call it the "Coach Show". These guys think they are the reason everyone is at the field. Talking, yelling.. nonstop during games. It sucks the energy from the kids. Drives me nuts. 


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