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Pitching – Is your weight centered between your knees?

How does your body define balance?

Let’s say I ask you to jump on a balance beam and, as quickly as you can, touch your nose.

- At first, you can’t control your arms.
- You take a couple of deep breaths to let your mind settle your body over the beam.
- Once your mind senses you no longer need your arms for balance, you touch your nose.

I know I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already realize, but, by digging into this “settling” process, you’ll walk away with a better understanding why you struggle with your command.

Your “settling” process creates a sense of “stability”.

Your “settling” process.

- Without thinking about it, your mind automatically centers your weight between your knees.
- At the point where your mind senses your body is in balance, your knees are going to form a “diamond-like” shape.


- “Stability” is seen when you center your weight between your knees (your “diamond”).
“Stability” allows you to decide how you’re going to move your body.
- You feel “stable” when you no longer need your arms to keep your balance.

Let’s prepare your body for your front foot lift.

- In the last blog, we recommended starting your stretch with your feet one baseball width apart.
- From this position, you bring your shoulders down to your heels.
- When done properly and as a reaction to your shoulders coming down to your heels, you see your legs/knees form a “diamond”.

Your “diamond” puts you in  a position to complete your front leg lift with your weight centered between your knees.

- By placing your weight between your knees, you lessen the chance you’ll need your throwing arm for balance and
- As a result, you increase the possibility each pitch will end up closer to your intended target.

If you want to know what’s stopping you from “balancing” and “stabilizing” your motion, contact us.

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