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Pitching - It's time to get your body working for you!

Managing your body position ...

Let’s briefly recap the last couple of blogs.

Your front leg lift ends with your body straight up-and-down. It’s your vertical alignment that keeps your body in balance and your arms free to move the way you want.

This is compared to you coming out of your front leg lift with a home to second body tilt. With your body tilted, as soon as you complete your stride, you must use your legs to get your body back to upright. When you let this happen, your lower body has nothing to do with your throwing action.

Therefore, unless you properly manage your body position into your front leg lift, getting your lower body to drive your results becomes a physical impossibility.

… Creates your throwing action ...

When you end your front leg lift with your body in an upright position, your glove arm is free to trigger your throwing action.  Once you fire your glove arm, you body produces this unstoppable chain reaction …

  1. Your glove side spins your shoulders.
  2. Your shoulder spin causes your hips to rotate.
  3. Your front foot hitting the ground stops your lower body rotation.
  4. To get your body back in balance, your lower body energy spontaneously travels into and out of your throwing hand.
  5. As a reaction to your lower body, your spontaneous throwing action gets your body back to vertical.
  6. Your throwing action automatically takes your throwing hand through a very productive release window.

… Which generates your results!

Since your leg driven results have roots in an easily-engineered body position, you find your results to be very sustainable, extremely predictable and a talent recruiter’s dream.

Let us know how you’re doing?
When you apply these last couple of blogs and still find yourself struggling with your command, send us a pitching motion video or attach a comment to this post. We’ll use your video and comments to resolve the movements standing in the way of you being exceptional.

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