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Coaching tips of the day
You are not only responsible for developing players skills but their attitudes as well. Prepare kids for future teams, coaches and high school.
* Encourage kids to pay attention to the coach’s suggestions with eye contact, head nods, good body language, enthusiasm, and trying the suggested pointers from the coaches.
* Remind them not to say things like, “I do it my way” or “my dad told me to do this.” Coaches believe they know more than your dad does and they are usually correct.
* Explain that players who “screw around” and do not seem committed to the sport are at a great disadvantage for making teams and getting playing time.
* Inform them of the importance of good grades and that high school coaches like players who care about their schoolwork. They feel kids who work at their schoolwork will work on their game.
* Tell them coaches like players who are “students of the game.” Kids who have good instincts and know the finer points of the game have an advantage.
* Remind them of the importance of being on time and dedicating their practice time to hard work.
Be the best

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