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It’s OK and natural to have pride in coaching youth sports, but not OK to steal the spotlight from the kids and the games.
Coaches with too big of egos gain their identity from their team’s success. They make the games about themselves and winning, which is a problem. Youth sports should be about the athletes and the building of a foundation for their future, and you must never forget that. Having a win at all cost attitude is the biggest sign of making the games and your position more important than it should be.
Be sure and leave your Ego in your car when arriving at the game.
Signs of taking the shine away from where it should be:
* When you try to impress everyone with how much you know. Remember to realize you did not invent the game.
* When you take credit for winning and for player results. Winning comes from a combined effort and the star player will be that with any coach.
* When people leave the game talking about a senseless scene you created, instead of having the attention on the players and game.
* When you bench players when they cannot help you win.
* When you encourage an elitist attitude with the team members and parents.
* When you use entitlements or overdo it with praise for the stars to keep them on your team.

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