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Your shoulders and hips are instinctively driven to be vertically aligned over one another.   When out of alignment, they always end up over one another.

Using this recurring natural phenomenon to your advantage will supercharge your pitching career and here’s how!

“Active balance” makes you extraordinary.
When your movements create a state of “active balance” at the top of your front leg lift, you allow your glove side to rotate your shoulders around your Core and you “actively” force an shoulder to hip interaction.

By design, your shoulder rotation ends up applying a rotational force (your hips) to a stationary object (your throwing arm) to challenge even the most mature Hitters to make solid contact with any pitch. 

 “Standing Balance” makes you ordinary.
The opposite of “active balance” is beginning your motion with all your weight over your back.  In this case, your shoulder rotation needs to be so extreme that you open your front side to your target and your ball ends up missing your target high to your throwing arm side.

To get your shoulder rotation to supercharge your pitching career, contact me.

Skip Fast
Director – National Coaching Network

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