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Stop wondering how to improve your command!

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve discussed “biomarkers”. Now, let’s look at how to use your “biomarkers” to improve your command.

All roads lead to your foot placements.

By following your “biomarkers”, you instantly discover how to make yourself more competitive at your current level and beyond.

  1. Your body position at the top of your front leg lift is a physiological reaction (or “biomarker”) to your initial foot placements. As such, the only way to manage your body position at the top of your front leg lift is to change your initial foot placements
  2. Your arm, leg and hip movements as you move down the mound are physiological reactions to your body position at the top of your front leg lift. Accordingly, the only way to manage the movements you see as you move down the mound is to alter your body position into your front leg lift.
  3. Your results directly relate to how your subconscious uses your throwing arm path to, as you move down the mound, get your body back in balance. Consequently, your throwing arm path becomes a physiological reaction to how your body moves down the mound.

Based on what these “biomarkers” tell you, the only logical way to simply and permanently change or improve your results is to ADDRESS YOUR FOOT PLACEMENTS.

These are the foot placements that’ll instantly elevate your pitching results.

Without seeing your motion, without asking you to change anything within your motion and after you make these foot placement changes, you’re going to reduce how far and how often your Catcher moves his glove to receive your pitches.

From the stretch, begin your motion with your feet no wider than your hips.

This simple adjustment makes your subconscious less likely to need your throwing arm for balance and, with your throwing arm less involved with your balance, more likely to come through a much smaller and more consistent release window.

From your wind-up, to minimize any hip sway and keep your movements more vertical in nature, we teach “toe-heel, heel-toe”.


You begin with your front toe in line with your back heel and your back heel in line with your front toe. To begin your motion, you simply place your back foot in front of the rubber, lift your front foot off the ground and then watch more pitches finish closer to your Catcher’s glove than ever.


When you realize something as simple as a change your foot placements helps your command, please let me know by sending me a short email.

Are these recommendations a universal fix?

Unfortunately, no, but they do represent a great starting point.

Your foot placement goal is to use your “biomarkers” to take away any reason for you to use your throwing arm for balance as you transition from your foot placement into your front foot lift.

Should you want to fast track your foot placements, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for your time and remember … you are the pitcher you are because you’re listening to paint-by-number pitching solutions.

Skip Fast

Expert Pitching Coach
Professional Pitching Institute


Cell or Text: 856-524-3248


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