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*Swing Mechanics Vs. Spatial Awareness - What's More Important?

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself before you took batting practice, what's my plan for today..what do I want to develop?  The typical answers are swing mechanics, launch angles and bat speed.  But - have you ever said to yourself, 
"while I'm hitting today, I'm going to think about my pitch recognition skills and spatial awareness abilities, I'm going to work on identifying, ball flight path patterns and TIMING.. " 
Probably not.

Most hitters don't think about spatial awareness and TIMING 
because they themselves or their coaches don't understand well 
enough these hitting components.

The irony behind it is this .. Messing up the batter's spatial awareness
and TIMING are the weapons the pitcher uses to get the batter OUT in the Game!
Research and Learn more about it ...Watch Video

No one improves his / her "in-game hitting skills" unless they learn how to use
"Timed Hitting Perception".  Rather than bump into it and not realize
what you're doing.. Learn how to activate "Timed Hitting Perception"
so you can make your brain turn on this "hitting switch" ..anytime you want!

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