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Take Charge of Parent Behavior before It's too Late

Baseball coaching tipsof the day

You must send an early season letter to parents stating the behavior you feel is unacceptable. It is sad that this type letter is necessary but one or more of these things is a regular occurrence now. Take nothing for granted.
 Verbally “getting on” a player or coach of the other team
 Coaching of one’s own son or daughter during the game. Remind them that is your job and they can do what they want at home.
 Laughing at the opposition for any reason.
 Ridicule of officials.
 Tough talk or threats to anyone, friend or foe.
 Over the top screaming to rile the other team.
 Any gesture that takes interest away from the game and to the sidelines.
 Over-celebrating during or after games.
 Any act to intimidate others before or after games.
 Any talk that suggests players should retaliate against the opposition.
Remind parents you will take care of inappropriate opposition behavior at the right time.

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