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Only here will you find the one movement sequence guaranteed to produce sustainable pitching success! 

Your pitching motion contains more movement combinations than a Rubik’s Cube.  

A Rubik’s Cube has billions of movement combinations, but a series of very perceptive and simply executed movement patterns make it easy to get the same colored squares on the same sides.  

Why you struggle? 

Like a Rubik’s Cube, many pitching motion movement combinations tease you into thinking you’ve solved your personal pitching riddle, but, when you test the movement pattern you thought worked, you find it impossible to get any 3 consecutive pitches to travel directly into your target. 

With the billions of movement combinations a pitching motion contains, simply using trial-and-error to find the right combination isn’t wise. By doing so, there’s an excellent chance your competitive pitching career will end before you find a sustainable movement pattern, and, throughout your entire pitching career, your pitching success means surviving your pitching failures. 

Experience success! 

Out of these billions of movement combinations, one universally productive pitching pattern does exist. 

Whether you’re a Little Leaguer, Professional or any level in between, this self-checking, 6-step movement pattern produces the sustainable command, enhanced throwing arm speed, later ball movement and deceptive arm action you need to succeed in a sport built on failure. 

With a little time and effort, you’ll marvel how quickly 4 simple positions and 2 basic movements solve your pitching woes. 

In fact, your laser focus on this simple 6-stage movement process will get you to confidently deliver every pitch into your Catcher’s target with the later ball movement and deceptive arm action needed to consistently challenge every hitter on every pitch. 

Fast track your improvement. 

By knowing this one-in-a-billion movement sequence, creating a productive and spontaneous throwing (re)action is simple. However, trial-and-error turns your sustainability into a hit-or-miss proposition. To fast track your journey to spontaneous success, visit the Pro Pitching Institute. 

No excuses, only reasons. 

There’s no excuse for you not knowing the one movement pattern that’ll turn your throwing action into a reaction. Your first step to removing this tragic flaw is to pick up your cell phone, call “Skip” at 856-281-2596 and schedule your FREE 20-minute, Pro Pitching Institute Pitching Session.  

Tell a friend! Have a friend struggling with their command? Make sure to tell them about the Pro Pitching Institute posts! 

Skip Fast 
Freelance Pitching Coach 
Cell or Text: 856-281-2596 


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