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Baseball coaching tips of the day
The best way to keep everyone’s trust is to never lose it in the first place.
The key to coaching respect begins with the word never. Never berate kids, never ignore them, never be dishonest. That is important because it often only takes one bad word or action to take away the chance of earning or keeping the respect that coaches must have to enjoy their coaching experience and to make the positive impact they set out to from the beginning. That may seem daunting to many, so it is important that coaches have "maintain respect" as a philosophy and reviewing it often so that they do not break the “never rule.”
What youth sports coaches must also understand is that even though they may direct something at one player or player parent, the move often affects everyone.
Understand that teammates will side with and feel sorry for their friends first and that even young athletes are more aware of your actions than you may think.
Be the Best!

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