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Throwing reflexes create superior command.

How your body works.

Once you tilt your core, your body uses your arms to bring your core back to vertical.

Two ways to move down the mound.

There are 2 ways to move down the mound…

With a tilted core.

When you move down the mound with a tilted core, you use your arms to get your core back to vertical. Once your front foot gets back on the ground, you use your arms to complete this task. Only when your core returns to an upright position can you complete your delivery. However, when you complete throwing action your throwing arm ends up working by itself. With your throwing arm working by itself, you never really know where any one pitch is going to end up.

With an upright core.

When you move down the mound with an upright core, you lose your core at foot plant. The instant your core moves from vertical a throwing action, or should we say a throwing reflex, gets your core back to upright.

Your throwing reflexes call upon your body’s self-correcting tendencies to bring your throwing hand through a very sustainable and extremely productive release window.

Here’s your bottom-line … when your movements keep your core vertical into your foot plant, you can always expect your ball to travel directly into your target.

Here’s the good news.

The Pro Pitching Institute prioritizes the movements you need to keep your core vertical into your foot plant.  In the end, by following the process outlined at the Pro Pitching Institute, you motion ends with a sustainable throwing reflex. Once mastered, instead of using strikes or stats to measure your results, you use your ability to deliver every fastball directly into your Catcher’s target to measure your core alignment.

Tell a friend! Have a friend struggling with their fastball command? Make sure to tell them about the Pro Pitching Institute.

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