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Uniform Care: Extend the life of your baseball uniforms.’s 4 Easy Steps to Care and Maintenance of your Team Uniforms

Discounting the inevitable possibilities that your team uniform may get torn and tattered regardless of the special care you may give them, here are 4 easy steps to help your new team uniform retain its original qualities and color throughout the season.


STEP 1: Pre-Wash

Uniforms can be soaked in cold water with an additive designed to remove protein stains (grass, dirt, clay, blood). Uniforms should only be pre-soaked for 30 minutes and then promptly placed in the wash cycle.


STEP 2: Deodorizing the Uniform (optional)

Add ¼ - ½ cup of vinegar to the cold water to deodorize it without damaging it.


STEP 3: Wash your Uniform

DO NOT dry clean

To extend the life of your uniform and for optimal cleaning results, immediately wash the team uniforms after wearing.

Wash only in COLD water, do not use warm or hot water

DO NOT wash whites and colors together

Use a MILD detergent

DO NOT use bleach

DO NOT use fabric softener


STEP 4: Drying

The best way to dry your team uniform is to let them hang dry. DO NOT use heat in the process of drying your uniforms. If you must use a dryer, use an air dry or damp dry setting, because high heat may shrink the uniform.

DO NOT iron

Storing your uniform

Let your uniform completely dry before storing. To prevent fading, discoloration and mildew, keep the uniforms in a cool, dry area. Avoid long term exposure to light. is a leading online provider of high quality customizable major brand uniforms and practice wear at competitive prices. We specialize in outfitting sports teams, athletic leagues, recreation associations, and schools.  Find great deals on basketball uniforms, baseball uniforms, practice wear and other team apparel now at

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