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Watch for These Negative Success Makers

Baseball coaching tips of the day
Know what to do when you see these negative success makers:

1. Players who are never satisfied and blame self – this is very common with self-driven players. Coaching Tip – explain it is a team game and that they should look at the good things they did after games and save the negative things for practice.
2. Players who only want to work on the things they are good at – many players only want to practice a specific aspect of the game. Coaching Tip – work to convince players that practicing all parts of their game helps the team and their future in the sport.
3. Athletes with no overall game plan – Many kids do not have goals in mind, so they look at practice as useless. Coaching Tip – express the importance of short and long-term goals as well as reachable and realistic goals. Overcoming short-range goals spur players like no other thing.

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