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What direction is your motion taking you?

Forward momentum destroys pitching performances.

Because your body is driven to keep itself stable, moving down the mound the forces you to use your arms to get your body back to stable. Only after you get your body back to stable are you able to make a secondary throwing action.

When you let your throwing action become a secondary movement, you can only hope your eye-to-hand coordination is good enough to deliver your pitch directly into your Catcher’s target.

Forward momentum compounds your problems.  The arm slot that works for your fastball isn’t the arm slot that’ll work for your off-speed pitches and, to change speeds, you need to slow your arm speed down.

It gets worst! In make your next pitch/outing better than your last, you’re constantly fiddling with your delivery. By constantly toying with your motion, your improvement is driven by your results, not your motion and, until you make a couple of simple adjustments, your pitching career suffers.

Let your pitching motion drive your results!

By beginning your delivery in a stable position, while still perched on one leg, a planned glove side action creates a predetermined an unstable condition that forces your hips to rotate.  Your hip rotation generates another planned instability that, to get your body back to stable, forces you to make a throwing action.

As a spontaneous reaction to your hip rotation, your pinpoint location, consistent fastball arm speed and very late movement challenges the most mature hitters to make solid contact with all pitches coming out of your hand.

Your execution drives your results!

Your pitching challenges.

Once your posture at the top of your front leg lift prompts even the smallest instability, you won’t be able to get your glove side to trigger your throwing action.  You let this happen and you have no options but to let your results drive your motion.

Contact us to experience the guaranteed success associated with keeping your glove side free to trigger your throwing action.

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