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What messages does your starting position send your body?

A 1-inch difference between release points means a 7-inch difference at the plate.

Elite location (nearly 65% of your pitches travel directly into your Catcher’s mitt) comes from your starting position telling your body’s invisible blueprint that, as you move down the mound, it needs to go into survival mode. 

While in survival mode, your invisible blueprint automatically and instinctively uses your stride to protect you from falling on your nose and uses your throwing (re)action to bring your weight back to center. Therefore, using your starting position to force body’s invisible blueprint to place your body in survival turns your throwing (re)action into an involuntary reflex that naturally and consistently brings your throwing hand through the tiniest of release windows.
- No matter the pitch called, when your starting position puts you in survival mode, your throwing hand comes through a fastball release window with the fastball arm speed that’s certain to keep your opponent guessing.

Unmanageable and disappointing location comes from a starting position where, to move down the mound, you’re forced to stride. To survive your stride, your body’s invisible blueprint automatically and instinctively calls upon your throwing arm to slow down your movement down the mound.

With your stride and throwing arm working as a synchronized unit, your over-all stride tempo shapes your throwing hand path which determines your throwing hand position. Even an unassuming change in stride tempo changes your throwing hand position which makes your location even more unpredictable. You come to realize your best outings occur when you “feel” the right stride tempo. On the other hand, you can’t locate your pitches when you can’t find a productive stride tempo.
- While it is tough enough to find the right fastball stride tempo, you magnify your location concerns when you’re force to “feel” an additional stride tempo for your off-speed pitches.

Disappointing location means your starting position corrupts the way you want your invisible blueprint to interpret your movements. If you can’t resolve your starting position, contact me to for free FaceTime consultation.

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