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What really controls a pitcher’s throwing (re)action?

The single most important pitching measure.

When pitching, because you have only one foot on the ground, your pitching base of support transfers to your knees. The wider the distance between your knees, the more you’ll be able to keep your weight centered between your knees, the more often you end your front leg lift in a stable position.

How do pitchers challenge hitters?

When your movements keep your weight centered within your pitching base of support, your body lets you keep your arms are free to move any way you want. Your glove arm remains free to trigger your hips.  Your throwing arm remains free to respond to your lower body movements triggered by your glove arm.  You turn your throwing action into a reaction to your body’s movements brings your throwing hand through a consistently productive release window. Your throwing reaction challenges every hitter on every pitch to make solid contact with every pitch.

Weight... Why hitters control pitchers?

When your movements move your weight from the center of your pitching base of support, you can’t help but use your arms to get your body back to a stable posture. Only after landing your foot plant do you free your throwing arm to complete your motion. With both feet already on the ground, you stop your hips from having any impact on your throwing arm activity, your throwing arm works by itself and you miss your target over the plate more often than is advantageous to your pitching career.  Instead of letting your motion drive your results, you use your results to drive your motion.

How to measure your pitching results?

The best pitching results come from knowing how to keep your weight centered within your pitching base of support.  While others complicate this entire process, we present 3 simply executed movements that, no matter your age or skill level, will instantly elevate your pitching.

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