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My story is a fairy tale if you must say.

I never played high school baseball because i was afraid of failure of not making the team and i was a late bloomer compared to the other players. After high school i starting getting bigger and wanted to help my parents out with paying for college so i walked on my freshman year at a small school in tampa. After my freshman year with no scholarship the coach offered me a little scholarship for my soph year. Come to find that going into my junior year the baseball program was to be shut down so i sent out my stats to other schools in florida mainly naia schools and attended southeastern university in lakeland florida. My junior year i gained some attention from scouts throwing high 80's to low 90's. Both jun and sen year i was not drafted. I was down i the dumps and then took a whole year from ball and tryed out for independent pro teams and made a team for spring training. I didnt even make the openning day roster and was realeased soon to find myself signing in the pecos league which is another lower independent league. I had a good hlf season with them and made the allstar team to only throw 9 pitches infront of a scout and signed 2 days later with the Arizona Dbacks. Baseball is a funny and crazy sport that has its adventures!!! Trust your stuff and never say never... God Bless,,, Dios te Bendiga

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Comment by alan schwartz on September 23, 2011 at 5:19pm

Professional Baseball is a big business 30 major league teams, 304 minor league teams with approximately 18,500 games in the season.

But when you’re a kid whether you started playing at 6 years old as I did or older it’s not a business it’s a game.

You want to play and get better and as you grow older the more you play the better you get.

Then your world expands and you and your friends follow a major league team and your home team.

You have a favorite major league player and then you have a dream, which is to be a major leaguer like him.

This scenario never ends for kids.

I have been following baseball for decades and my interest has never decreased, ask anyone who knows me.

So I feel then there must be something magical in baseball and with that magic I have created for the fans, Crowd Hitter.

It’s an opportunity for a lucky baseball member of the crowd to be a pro baseball player for a day by taking batting practice before the game starts

This idea is great for the home team, great for the fans and great for baseball. Everyone wins. Of course the idea has to be accepted by the people who run the business of baseball.

go to for more details
Comment by Jon Freeman on September 23, 2011 at 5:20pm

My dad had just been transferred to a small town outside of Charlotte, NC, so we got to move while I was in the middle of the 5th grade. Dad was out of town alot for work as my baseball season started, so he couldn't make any games. As the season went along, he may have seen 5-10 innings... He made up for it by throwing with me @ home and pitching extra BP - he even bought me my first aluminum bat ( we called it the "killer" bat). I REALLY wanted him there for games, so I told him I'd hit a homerun for him on his birthday, but only if he came to the game. He chuckled and said he'd do his best to be at that game.

July 5th, 1978 - Game day (actually my dad's birthday) rolls around and Dad's working. My mom and sister were there, but it's just not the same. We were 5 innings into a 6 inning game and I was 0-for-2 with 2 strikeouts, staring down my last turn at the plate. I came up in the bottom of the 5th with 2 out, and he wasn't there yet. I'm down 0-2 after 2 really ugly swings, and the I hear my dad from behind the backstop. All he said was "Relax, big boy." I turned and gave him a big grin, then dug in like most 10 yaer olds do. The pitcher gave me a perfect belt-high fastball in the heart, and the ball landed on top of the batting cage beyond the CF fence. That was the 1st of my 2 career homeruns, but easily the best. I can't remember the name of my team, the name of the kid that coached us that year, or even what we did after the game - but I sure do remember the smile on Dad's face as I turned around 3rd base and headed for the plate.

Comment by Moises David Lee Atkinson on September 23, 2011 at 6:18pm

Here is a good one  ---- In LL Majors I had a solid 10 yr old season, a very good 11 yr old season and was projected to be a top All-Star for my 12 yr old season .... little did I know that I would develop a horrible hitch in the off season and carried it into the first half of my last year in Little League. Our team had an ex pro baseball player as our Manager; but he did not teach anyone but his own kids anything -- we learned by osmosis. I had an older brother who was coaching another team, so I started going to those practices as well as my own and started to snap out of it for the second half.  I asked for a trade in the middle of the year and my own coach said he wanted TWO players for me  -- well, my own brother said "NO WAY" and I stayed with the undercoached team.  About 8 games from the end of the season, I started hitting the ball off the fence and for line drives. One game I hit a blast to right center (lefty hitter) and my best friend got a great jump on the ball and ran to the fence, leaped and came up with a rob of a home run  -- would have been my ONLY home run in a real game for Little League.  Well, in those days All-Star teams were picked about a month BEFORE the season ended and I missed our Oak Park little league All-Star team by ONE player.

 Now 30+ years later I coach high school baseball for a local charter school .... and I know that I am a better

teacher of baseball fundamentals than an ex pro baseball player .....  I think that 3 year stint is why I coach baseball the way I do now ..  Coach  Randy

Comment by Don Ervin on September 25, 2011 at 3:00pm

My story is what every person, male or female athlete or not absolutely should not follow, I say to everyone as I could not do grab onto your dreams, never allow anyone to deter you from pursuing your dreams, throw the negatives and those things you cannot control behind you, persevere to hell and back, grab on tightly to those positives, never become disappointed to the point where you just up and quit, "WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH" "THE TOUGH GET GOING" is the very best philosophy and attitude to have for success. I was so very fortunate to have what every young aspiring baseball player has and has always had which is the hopes of some day to become a professional ball player and to top it off with being a major league player, I had what appeared to be just that but not being able to handle defeat I threw my dream down the drain although through it all I have learned a lot of baseball and most of all some very important lessons in life along the way.

Hopefully I have some very positive things to teach those I come in contact with whether it be on or off the ball field .

To all of you out there, Pursue and persevere letting no stop signs confronting you stop you.

The best of luck to all.

Enough said.

Don Ervin


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