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Youth baseball coaching tip of the day

Always try to coach as if my students will someday coach themselves.

Studies on how people learn show that people who understand the basics of an action, and the "why" for it, can adjust in the heat of the moment, especially when things are not as they expected them to be. A complex way of saying that knowledge of the fundamentals helps players adjust in games when unexpected challenges present themselves.

The study suggested that in a controlled environment, as in a sports practice, adjustments are easier or unnecessary, but in a more uncontrolled environment, as in a game, more than just physical adjustments were necessary, as mental ones become needed. Many coaches do not, or forget to, help players understand the fundamentals and why things must be done a certain way. Coaching the why is crucial and not just focusing on helping them do it correctly. With that plan, in time, players are willing to change, understand what they are doing, and how to make self-adjustments.

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