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I had an interesting conversation with some fellow parents the other day about kids and baseball....

We live in New York City.  The main question that came up was this:


Would you move from NYC (or any cold weather climate) to help develop your son's baseball talent? 


If you had a promising, talented 12-14 year old ballplayer who was serious about baseball, would you move to Southern California, Arizona, Georgia or Florida to expose your kid to year round baseball and possibly a higher level of competition as he approaches high school?

This means packing up the family, changing schools for your kids and possibly parents changing jobs.


Is this a smart move?  Is it crazy?



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Comment by adam osteen on September 22, 2011 at 4:03pm
in my opinion since baseball is played here in florida year round the players are more experienced and have an edge on northern players. BUt talent is something that is everywhere! If your good enough and have raw talent it doesnt matter because scouts will here about you and take interest.
Comment by Michael Paes on October 17, 2011 at 2:35pm

I would say no.  You are assuming:

1. The boy really wants to play baseball that much, and will continue to do so as he gets older.

2. That at 12, you know he will continue to be the best as he gets older.

3. That you as a parent (like almost all parents) are not looking at his ability with stars in your eyes.

Finally, what is your end game? College, a good high school, a scholarship, what? Remember how few players actually ever play any college ball, let alone D1, and how few ever get a sniff for a pro contract.


Sports should be for fun.  If the player still has the ability and desire when he gets older that is one thing, but too many parents have dreams for their children far above what is possible (or likely).


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