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Baseball Coaching tips of the Day

Other coaching responsibilities you must attend to:
* Help kids deal with adults who steal the show.
This situation is more and more common issues in youth sports now – coaches or fans taking the attention away from the games and kids. They have an unhealthy perspective of what youth sports should be, and they take away the joy of playing for kids. The result of their behavior is often humiliation and possibly the beginning of a kid’s desire to play sports and worse yet, kids who learn not to trust adults.
You must realize that kids are aware of adult actions more than people think, and it is essential that coaches explain situations to players in ways that can help them make sense of episodes of poor sportsmanship.
Additionally, you must help youth deal with disruptive teammates.
There often exist bullies, cliques, and lousy attitude players on teams who create a divisive atmosphere. It is crucial that you help kids through harmful peer situations.
At the same time, coaches have to work with poor attitude athletes. Turning hard to coach players around is a challenge a coach should embrace.
Be the best!

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