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Your movements, not our stats, predict success.

As you move up the base ladder, the probability a hitter drives your best pitches increase and the chance the hitter misses your mistakes decrease, but your current stats can always attract recruiters.

When your pitching plan gets your throwing arm to react your movements, you decrease the probability you’ll miss your target miss, you give your opponent less pitches to drive and you decrease the likelihood consecutive hitters make solid contact with your pitches.  Your stats entice Coaches to come see you, your sustainable motion peeks their curiosity and you find multiple Coaches competing for your service.

Without a solid pitching plan, your throwing arm works by itself and, because the chances you miss your target over the plate increase and your frequency of best pitches decrease, hitters control you. The chances your stats attract next-level Coach plummet. Even worst, should your stats attract a Coach, when the Coach comes to the field, he sees a motion powered by forward momentum, not a lower body rotation.

Want to use stellar stats to get Coaches to realize you have what it takes to immediately compete at the next level?  Then get your throwing arm to react to your movements.

Skip Fast,
Director – Alliance of Accountable Pitching Coaches
Professional Pitching Institute

Cell or Text: 856-524-3248


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