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This video shows how to properly use the 2-TEE drill. The purpose of this drill is to keep the barrel above the baseball. If you guys want more drills like this, visit my page, or my website:

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Comment by Richard Lovell on May 24, 2012 at 2:03pm
Hey Joel,

What you say in your video doesn't make any sense to me. You state that you want to keep the barrel of the bat above the baseball to creat backpin. Let's see, if the barrel of the bat is on top of the ball that would most likely create top spin and ground balls. Unless of course you are swinging in such a downward motion you are cutting down across the ball. I suppose that might creat back spin, but the kind that produces pop ups. Who wants to hit ground balls all the time considering as you progress in skill level almost 80% of ground balls result in an out? My understanding of the swing path is that you want the barrel of the bat to get on the same path as the plane of the pitch as early as possible. if you are swinging down to the ball you have a small window to hit the ball. Considering pitchers are taught to throw/pitch the ball down to make the batter hit ground balls, why would we teach our hitters to do what the pitcher wants? Also, if the path of the ball is on a downward angle why would we swing down to the ball? A Major League batters swing, if you look at it in slow motion, has a slightly upward motion. The rollover I think you are referring to is the premature rolling of the wrists. That is usually the result of not fully extending the arms after contact and pulling your arms across your body.

Hey, just my two cents worth, but I think you should read and study the swing a little more. Try Ted Williams The Science of Hitting and Mike Epstein's Mike Epstein on Hitting. Or just study slow mo video of the greatest hitters and you will see what I am talking about. They down keep the barrel of the bat on top of the ball...they try and hit the middle half of the ball to create backspin and produce powerful line drives and towering fly balls that leave the ball park fast. Yes, even the great hitters are fooled by a pitcher and hit on top of the ball. The result? Usually a grounder and an out. Good luck.
Comment by Coach Jay Cranford on May 24, 2012 at 6:33pm

There is something in the proper mechanics of a swing thats called connection... (dont confuse it with contact) Thats when you have proper hip rotation, the elbow is in your side,  the bat is flat on plane with the ball and at that moment the next thing to do is run the knob of the bat to the ball and finish the swing. Throwing your hands and getting full extention...  I agree with Richard..


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