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This is a time of year that dads want to come home and throw the football around with their kids. But, it’s amazing how many guys I talk to that, are in pain after a little catch with the kiddos! Most say the same thing. I can throw the ball for a day, but then I can barely lift my arm for the next 2 or 3 days. That sucks, and I get it. If you can’t function at work, then rent/mortgage doesn’t get paid.
Now sometimes there are past injuries that are the cause. And for that, you need to seek a qualified medical professional to really fix those injuries. But, many other times the issue is weakness but n the rotator cuff.

Rotator cuff isn’t just important for quarterbacks and baseball players. It’s an extremely important muscle group, that’s overused and undertrained!! As you can see in the picture. The cuff consists of 4 separate muscles, functioning together. Almost, all movements of your arm need the rotator cuff to stabilize your scapular(shoulder blade), and your humerus (arm). If these muscles don’t stabilize the joints, you end up with shoulder issues. So, I wanted to post a couple of videos of simple cuff drills, that anyone can practice. Give these a try, and post any comments or questions.

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