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Power Baseball ... Power Pitching & Throwing

The Pitching & Throwing System is design to build sport specific fast twitch muscle fibers for dynamic body rotation and arm strength for your pitching and throwing mechanics.

Pitching & Throwing Advantages: Increase your arm speed, Maximize your pitching & throwing power, Pitch & Throw the ball faster, harder and farther, Gain better pitching & throwing control and accuracy, Have greater confidence on the mound

Our Core Training Program develops a mechanically sounded, stronger, dynamically flexible and quicker core —which leads to great rotational power, upper & lower body coordination, timing, tempo and rhythm.

Core Advantages: Increase your rotational speed, Maximize your rotational power, Gain greater athleticism, Improve your linear and multi-linear directional agility, Gain greater balance, body control, and coordination

Our program is appropriate for any level of athletic experience because of the nature of resistance training: Beginner, Youth, High school, College, Professional, Male and female athletes.

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