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try-outs for minor league or independant leagues in florida or even the japanese league!

would like any info or dates for try-outs in florida that are open

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send me the info sounds great
I want info for try-outs.i dont have any to send you asking for info on this subject
Closer to the summer the MLSB (Major League Scouting Bureau) posts their open tryouts on the MLB website.
They usually run about 2-2.5hrs (depending on how many people show up) and then have a scrimmage game after for players they invite to stay. You get a look at what teams are looking for and the coaches will give you pointers if you ask as well.
well thank you for the info,much appreciated.
Please send me any info you find out. I have 2 or 3 guys looking for tryouts.
Send me info on teams & dates for workouts...I have a few guys that are looking for opportunities.

we are having an independent tryout at our Baseball Park in Houston, Tx in April
one of the teams will be using our field for Spring Training, I do not have dates yet.
Once you have dates, be sure to create a CheckSwing event so it is added to the calendar.
Excellent..thanks for the info.

That's great I have family in Houston so I can stay with them. Post the dates ASAP so myself and some of my teammates can plan for it.
send me info please
I have lists of upcoming independent professional tryouts from the end of Feb 2009 through early May 2009. Feel free to private message me if you are interested.


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