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Sustainable pitch location begins with your feet beginning under your hips.

Without an ability to locate your pitch, your dream of becoming a Major League Pitcher fades.

Forward weight shifts.

When you begin motion with your feet wider than your hips, your motion contains a forward weight shift. Your mind senses your forward weight and forces you use your throwing arm to offset your forward weight shift. You delay your throwing hand into release, you expand your release window and you cause yourself to lose control over where your ball ends up and how your ball behaves.

Here’s the proof.

During Spring Training, you’ll see lots of Pitchers taking the mound who want to get promoted to the Majors. The biggest reason these Pitchers are still in the Minors is their inability to locate their pitches against professional hitters. When you watch a Spring Training game, you’ll notice these Pitchers all have the same footwork. Each of these Pitchers begin their motion with their feet farther apart than their hips.

Here’s more proof.

When you watch a Spring Training game, watch Spring Training game backwards.

When you see a Pitcher miss their target outside their Catcher’s body, on their next pitch, focus on their foot placements before their front foot even comes off the ground. What you’ll see is the Pitcher beginning their delivery with their feet placed wider than their hips.

Shrinking your target area is easy.

One of the many things you can do to shrink your target area to begin your motion with your feet under your hips. Remember, your footwork is just the start of you knowing how to produce sustainable location at the highest levels.

For more information on other things you need to do to generate high-level results, contact me.


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