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Who’s best for your pitching? … Pitching Coach or Pitching Analyst

Your Pitching Coach.

Your Pitching Coach’s job is to teach you how to keep your Team close enough to win. A Pitching Coach tells you what he thinks your motion should look like and uses your pitch results to remind you about what you need to do to improve your next pitch outcome.

He sees your pitch results, he sees what you do, but, unless he knows how to interpret the way your body reacts to itself, he doesn’t realize how difficult he makes it for you to accomplish the things he wants you to achieve.

A Pitching Analyst.

As a pitching analyst, I know what “good” pitching looks like and, better yet, understand how to eliminate whatever is blocking you from achieving your pitching dreams.

I breed confidence, accelerate your development and, as we talk about your pitching, give you a clear vision of what and why you do everything you do.

My involvement is short yet quickly introduces every pitching skill you need to show you’ll be very competitive at your next-level right now!

What does a pitching analyst do?

There’s always a reason your pitch misses your Catcher’s target outside his body. Your miss tells me your pitching motion is sick.

Missing your Catcher’s target outside his body 2 pitches in a row for no known reason means you have a disease and, unless you find for a cure, your competitive pitching career is about to die.

If anyone you know realized your motion was sick, you wouldn’t find yourself missing your target by so much so often.

You want the cure what ails you; you need to ask for my help.

A pitching analyst makes you look good.

Everything I present will show your Coach what he wants to see, but I’ll teach you how to produce what he wants without talking about it or you ever thinking about it.

Instead of wasting your bullpen time working on your muscle memory, you’ll use your bullpen sessions to sharpen and reinforce our focus and, when you get the call, you’ll dazzle your Coach, your Team and the crowd.

You’ll show your Coach what he wants to see, you’ll keep your Team close enough to win and you’ll make yourself and your Coach look very good.

People may critique your outing, but no one will criticize your performance and, most likely, you’ll earn even more mound time.

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